Stolen Legacy

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Unfortunately, when it comes to inheritance, people can become very cruel and very insolent, even in cases where there were no previous conflicts between them. Mr. Brian, who inherited a hotel from his grandfather, is facing such a problem. Brian was really happy and grateful for that, but at some point, things changed. One of his relatives finds a way to take over his hotel. Brian has reported the case to the police, and now it\'s up to them to find out what happened. Detectives Carol and Kenneth, along with police officer Donna, arrive at Brian\'s former hotel. They are here to find out what happened, looking for evidence to shed light on the whole situation, and they suspect that the relative used forged documents to get the hotel, but all this needs to be proven.Let\'s also visit Brian\'s hotel and see what happened there. We hope we will succeed in our mission to return the hotel to its rightful owner.



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