Sunken Enigma

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Laura is the mermaid who will guide us through this underwater adventure. She discovers a sunken city near a deserted island that hides many things. It is not known what is on this ship, so our mermaid is very curious and wants to see what is left on the ship. Laura is ready and eager to explore the wreck, so she informs her pirate friend Anna who also wants to explore. The two friends begin their research. Laura begins to explore the city in detail and to her great pleasure finds many valuable and interesting objects. Anna, on the other hand, is interested in the treasure hidden in the sunken city. Let\'s see together what can be found on this ship that comes from another time. That\'s why our two friends could find a lot of interesting things there. Let\'s join in this interesting search and see what this ship hides. We may find something that catches our attention and learn many new things.



Hidden Objects