Suspect on the Run

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Maybe we are accustomed to the suspects and actual criminals being on one side, while the police officers, the detectives, and the judges are on the other side. And that\'s why many times they are a target of the criminals. They believe if they do something to the policemen or the judges, the justice won\'t get them, or sometimes they take revenge on the ones that put them in jail for example. That means that even though detectives, police officers, and judges work on bringing justice, they are not always safe. Detective Jason is looking for the main suspect in an attempt at the murder of one of the main judges in the city court. This man probably wanted to take a revenge and now he is hiding somewhere. The traces of the suspect has taken detective Jason to one mountain camping resort. Jason hopes that here he will find the suspect and solve the whole case. But who knows, the mountain may be a good hiding place, especially if the main suspect knows this terrain well.



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