Texas Trouble

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This small city in Texas was a nice and quiet place to live. Maybe we see in the western movies that usually some gangs rule the cities, but no, it wasn\'t the case with this city. However, things change. Things changed in this city too when a gang of intruders suddenly started visiting the city. They come to this place every day, making a real mess. The citizens became scared and upset about the gang on their streets, so they decided to look for some help. The two cowboys, Mark and Kimberly, come into the city, and they see the mess caused by the gang. They like to help the citizens of this city, so they are preparing a plan for how to get rid of the terrifying squad and drive them away, somewhere far away from here. Let\'s see what is happening in this city and find a way to help the cowboys and the other people live peacefully again. That is the most important thing for everyone, so let\'s act fast before the citizens start moving out from their native hearths.



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