The Exiled King

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The king Baronet was the last king of the land where Mark and Linda come from. King Baronet was not the best king ever. He was a king that was exiled from his Kingdome because he has done so many injustices to his people. Instead of treating them right, he was always thinking about himself, wanting to grab as much as he can just for himself. The last habitat of the king was the castle Bertaut. Even though this king is late for so many years, today his spirit still lives in this castle, causing a lot of troubles. No one can get near to this castle even near because the evil king takes his revenge like that, because he was exiled. Now he believes that he has the complete control so he scares all visitors and expels everyone that comes by. Linda is one of the king’s descendents. She thinks that if she manages to get to the castle and manage to make a contact with the spirit of her grand grandfather, things will change. She believes that she will solve the eternal mystery of this castle. That will also save the castle as a historical monument because none of the tourists likes to visit this place because of the fear from the spirit of the late king Baronet. This is very interesting story that will keep your attention for a while, so enjoy this historical adventure.



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