The Forest People

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Get prepared for one really unusual story. Stories like this are rather rare but yes, they happen. It might not happen to you but witnessing it this closer will cause chills to pass through you body and make you wish nothing from this to happen to you. Not ever!Imala is a girl from the tribe called Arikara. The head of her tribe has a lot of trust in her, so he has sent her to deliver a rather important letter to the neighboring tribe. Imala thought that she knows the local forest quite good but suddenly she felt lost in the woods. All of a sudden some of the paths start looking unfamiliar, everything seems new and she starts hearing some strange sounds. The young girl could not explain what is happening around her but in one moment she remembers about a story about certain people from this forest that are quite dangerous. Those people practice voodoo magic and they could make a person lose his/her memory and get lost in the woods. Imala starts feeling just like that and this feeling is making her scared a lot! She starts looking for different objects on her way, with intention to keep the common sense and get out from this place.It would be very nice if you try to help Imala escape from this forest but at the same time, to help her keep the letter and deliver it to the final destination. But be aware that those people could influence on your common sense too...



Hidden Objects Mystery Scary