The Forgotten Farm

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The nature sometimes hides many beautiful places and sights. Or sometimes it is about objects that are not just a product of the nature. Perhaps the human hand has played certain role in building that place after some time that place became abandoned and no one takes care of it. Those places usually wait to be blessed by a new owner, someone that will take care of them and they will return him with numerous advantages.

This is the case with Irene and David who last week, all of a sudden, bump into an abandoned and forgotten farm. They were walking through the mountain that is located near the town where they live, when they found out this farm. The two of them are fascinated by the natural surroundings that spread around the farm. They decide to consult the local citizens if it is possible to get permission from them, to work this farm if it doesn't belong to someone. At their great pleasure, the citizens of the local village allow them to take the farm so at this moment; Irene and David are at the place, together with their friends. They will start very soon cleaning this abandoned farm and make it usable once again.

If you like nature as well, you will definitely enjoy this game that is located in a wonderful place. At the same time we will help Irene, David and their friends, take care of the place so they could start working as soon as possible.



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