The Secret Files

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Detective Peter has discovered many things in his career, and some of those things should not have been made public. And this time our excellent detective faces something big, something that no ordinary person knows whether it exists or not. Detective Peter is on his way to uncover the biggest mystery that this government is hiding. Namely close friends of the detective who are pilots by profession, are UFO witnesses. They, as witnesses, have given their statements about that, but the government decided to hide their statements and not make them public. We can\'t even imagine what could be hidden in those documents. One truth may be that those NFOs are something completely different, not the least bit related to extraterrestrials and similar phenomena, but it may be true that this is the case, since it is kept a secret.Peter\'s task is to uncover secret documents about unidentified aerial objects that have visited the earth. Let\'s see what Peter will find about these discoveries and statements of the pilots.



Hidden Objects