Unearthly Echoes

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Jacob and his girlfriend Amy decide to go on a trip. As the destination of their journey, they choose the southern part of the country where they live, that is, the place where Jacob\'s aunt lives. They believed this would be a really interesting trip because they had never been there together, so they started this wonderful adventure with great enthusiasm. Jacob and Amy have been on the road in their vehicle for several hours. Right now they need fuel, so they decide to stop at a small gas station near the highway. They want to fill up on gas and take a break from the hard road. And everything would be so perfect if someone even showed up at that gas station. Like there is no one, and Jacob and Amy are all alone. They do not know what to do next, and something makes them think that maybe they are not so alone at the gas station, as if someone has been stalking them all this time since they arrived. Let\'s help Jacob and Amy in this tricky situation. Let\'s find out what\'s really going on at this gas station and take action as soon as possible.



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