Unraveling the Puzzle

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Brian and Lisa are colleagues who work in the same company. Working in this company is good. Everyone is satisfied with the work and the time spent at this place, but lately, something strange has started to happen in their company. Namely, a few days ago, the personal belongings of some of the employees started disappearing mysteriously. At first, it might seem like a randomness or maybe a coincidence, but soon it became clear that a lot of objects disappeared.Brian and Lisa want to find out what is going on and if there is a thief in the company who steals the valuable items of the employees. If there is evidence, it would make a difference in the relationship between the employees which was very positive until now.Let\'s get involved in this interesting adventure, together with Brian and Lisa, and try to find out who is behind the whole situation. It will be like a real puzzle game for us, to follow the traces and look for evidence, but that\'s the only way we can get the answers we need. Let\'s not waste more time and indulge in the search for missing items.



Hidden Objects