Vendetta Cartel

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When it comes to cartels and mafia, there seem to be some different laws and norms. Honor is earned by a slightly different standard, not because someone was fair to family members or because they were nice...or maybe they were fair and nice, but differently. And now we will have the opportunity to learn something more about those norms that rule in the world of mafias. We are talking about an entire suburb in which several families live, or rather, rule. Detective Thomas and policewoman Pamela arrive in a well-known and dangerous neighborhood where these few families have ruled for years. This suburb is known for the fact that there are often acts of revenge related to the families that live here. Thomas and Pamela need to solve the last murder that happened here. Let\'s start an investigation together with our professionals and see what is happening in this suburb. Is this last murder related to something that is happening internally, within the framework of one cartel, or could it be a matter of misunderstandings between different cartels?



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