Vineyard Mystery

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It seems that there are no rules that can tell for sure where ghosts can be found. Those lost souls wander around and they can choose any place for their shelter. It\'s not just in the quiet and abandoned neighborhoods or houses, but they can be housed even in vineyards. What are they doing there? We don\'t know, probably there is no such a crowd in those places... Charles is an owner of vineyards and he has a small winery where he produces vine. He feels this place is like his second home and he goes there very often. Usually, even after the working hours, somewhere at night, Charles comes in his property. He watches the wine and checks out if everything is all right. However, a few nights in a row something strange happens in his vineyard. Charles started listening to some weird noises and whispering. He hasn\'t seen one but he feels that there are ghosts on his property. They didn\'t make any damage so far, but who can feel safe if ghosts are wandering around on his property? Let\'s see what is going on there and help Charles deal with the intruders.



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