Viva La Resistance

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Being in war is something really inhuman. The aims of getting into war are different but generally they focus on fighting in order to obtain a territory or power. However, nothing could be an explanation of this kind of situation where innocent people lose their lives. Therefore the ways to escape from that kind of a situation are allowed to be from all kinds. That means that stealing important information from the enemy is not that bad, since the general rules of moral do not function in the regular way in this case.

Also people could never imagine what could happen in war and what could be their mission in those circumstances. Caroline for example is a young French member of the resistance against the German occupation over France. She lives in one small French village and at the moment she is responsible for stealing the needed documents. In those documents is recorded important information for the further progression of the German army. Caroline has to find the documents and falsifies the added locations and dates. With that she will indicate the German troupes to go on wrong places, actually on places where they would be defeated from the French army.

Let's help this girl finish her mission and help her people finish the war as soon as possible before there are too many victims.



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