Abandoned Garden

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Quite by accident, Betty and Justin find out that in the city park in the city where they live, there is one small part that hides something very interesting. There is a very beautiful garden in the park but this garden has been completely abandoned. The entrance of the garden is hidden by grown trees, so it\'s hard for someone to even notice that there is a garden there. Betty and Justin are amazed by the garden, but also they are surprised by their discovery. They have been in the park numerous times, and they couldn\'t even imagine that there could be a garden hidden there. Even though they don\'t know what to expect, Betty and Justin decided to explore this abandoned garden. They like to see what is hidden there, is it only about the garden, or there is something more about this place? Let\'s visit the abandoned garden together with Betty and Justin and help them in case they bump into something strange or dangerous. Maybe after this visit, the garden won\'t be abandoned anymore, and it will turn into a new wonderful place to visit.



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