Ancient Script

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The Middle East is a truly exotic destination, especially if you come from Europe or America. The culture is different, the whole architecture and appearance of the cities have a different charm, and the impression we get from these countries is different. Some people love these kinds of destinations, they want a bit of excitement and to discover new things, while some people prefer to play on the familiar. Rebecca and Jacob are among those who like to explore. They regularly look for new places to visit and want to discover new things. This time, Rebecca and Jacob, together with their friends, arrive at an exotic hotel in one of the most mysterious countries in the Middle East. They are here with their friends and have the task of finding some ancient scripts that will help them find the secret tunnels to the hidden wealth of this land. The whole gang is excited and can\'t wait to find out if they are on the right path and if there is a real chance to find the thing you are looking for.Let\'s be a part of this exciting adventure and see if this hidden treasure exists or not.



Hidden Objects