Autumn Adventure

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Going to the mountains can be a real fun, but also it is very useful for our general well-being. We can find our peace there, breathe the fresh air, improve our physical and mental condition. However, sometimes we can\'t find time to go there, or simply, there are other circumstances that keep us away from that but it is definitely something worth. Richard, together with his children Betty and Andrew, decide that it is time to renovate their mountain house. They are not going there very often. Actually noone has been there in the last years, but now they will try to put it in function again. Richard is aware that the mountain will be a perfect place to spend the weekends and the holidays, so he was the one who made the initiative. Now, the whole family is excited and they hardly wait to start the process of renovation. All of them will take part in it, but we all know that renovation asks for a lot of work. Let\'s help this family repair the house and make sure that everything will be just great for spending time there.



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