Kyoto Mystery

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Villages are always very interesting for those who are not accustomed to living in such a place. Everything is new, the way of life is different, and if there is something that particularly attracts them to that place, it is even better. There is one small village known by the name Kyoto. This is the village where the grandfather of the sisters Keiko and Akari was born. The two girls have listened to many stories about this village. Between those stories are stories about some valuable objects hidden in the house where their grandfather lived. The girls are not sure if those stories are true, but they are determined to find out the truth about the mystery of this small but interesting place. They are in the village now, prepared to start their search. Let\'s see the beauties of the village of Kyoto and find out the truth behind all those mysteries. The girls will be very happy if they find something, but also their stay in the village is something that makes them very happy.



Hidden Objects