Bowling Center

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Bowling may seem like an easy activity and it doesn\'t require much effort, but in essence, it is a wonderful activity that activates the whole body. And not just the body. At the same time, the mind is activated, and concentration is trained.Jack is one of the owners of the famous bowling center in the city. Today, he came early to his club because later in the day, the famous bowling tournament would start. This is a big day for him because many bowling fans will gather here, so it should be perfect. On the one hand, there are bowlers here, but there is also the public that regularly comes in large numbers to the competitions. And for everything to run flawlessly, the place needs to be cleaned up. Jack has a task to prepare his center for the competitors and the public, let\'s help him. Good organization is especially important on this day, so let\'s see what needs to be done to make everything work as it should.



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