Campsite Secrets

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Teenagers can be unpredictable at times, that\'s for sure. A certain rebelliousness smolders in them that makes them want to oppose the norms set for them by society, the environment, their parents... But their restless spirit cannot be an excuse for all their actions, just as they must not be left in the lurch. Sometimes they need help too, and they can get into trouble through no fault of their own...And how do teenagers like to spend their summer vacation? Of course, camping is one of their first choices. However, in this case something undesirable has happened to the five teenagers that the police are looking for. Namely, the detectives Nicole and Patrick arrived at one of the most beautiful camps in the country where a total of five teenagers staying at the camp were reported missing this morning. The camp staff could not find out where the teenagers were and responsibly called for help. Nicole and Patrick have a serious task of finding out what happened to the teenagers and making sure they get back to safety.



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