Captains Apprentice

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Being a ship captain is a very serious thing. We are talking about probably the most prepared person on the ship who knows how to find himself in all kinds of conditions. They know exactly how ships work, and what needs to be prepared to set sail.Captain Harold\'s niece is a curious girl who is also very interested in sailing. She has been interested in ships since she was little, and she couldn\'t wait to sail on the open sea together with her grandfather. It seems that opportunity has come, and Emily is ready for her next big adventure.Captain Harold is with his curious granddaughter Emily at the docks. The captain sets sail tomorrow on a longer journey, so he wants to spend time and show his granddaughter what it\'s like to prepare the ship. It means that safety comes first when going on a longer trip like this. In this case, nothing should be left to chance, and everything should be perfectly prepared. As they prepare for their next trip, let\'s see what those preparations look like.



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