Casino Crime

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Casinos are not the safest places. Even though those places might have a security team and everything, the fact that there is so much money there makes them unsafe. You wonder why? Well, a lot of money means a potential threat of all kinds of robbers and fraudsters. Sooner or later, one day, they will surely try to steal some money from that casino and who knows what could follow those crimes...because the greed and the insolence of some people don\'t know about any bounds. Detective Patrick comes to one of the many city casinos. No, he is not there to gamble and have fun. He is there because he is up to solving one serious criminal case. Namely, there was a murder in this casino yesterday. The body was found at the rear entrance of the casino and there are not any witnesses that can tell something more about the murder. That\'s why here is detective Mark. He needs to collect some pieces of evidence, so he can find out who is that poor man\'s killer. Also, he likes to find out what is the reason for that murder. Let\'s help him.



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