Charming Restaurant

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Near the city park, there is a charming restaurant. This restaurant is one of the most beautiful places in the city, and it is visited by numerous people every day, especially at the weekends. Lauren and Ethan are very happy that they are the new employees. They always wished to work in such a place, and now, once they came here, they like to make sure they are good at their job. It\'s a weekend, and the weather is amazing. That means that the city park is full of people and it is expected the restaurant to be visited by many people too. That is a great thing, but we have to consider that Lauren and Ethan will have a lot of work today. Sometimes, it can be difficult to deal with so many orders and so many people. They are still rookies in their job, so it will be nice if they can get some help, right? Let\'s visit the restaurant and help our new friends manage their job as well as possible. They need to prove they are good at this job, so they can continue working in this beautiful place.



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