Coastal Treasures

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It\'s always interesting to visit new places, see new things, and get to know the habits of people who live in another territory and have different cultural habits. All this is a real treasure, sometimes much more significant than what we get from our everyday lives. Also, searching through the past is another component from which we can learn a lot, especially when it comes to the remains of a civilization that no longer exists. Maria and Nicole are interested in historical artifacts. They know a lot and know what can be expected from a particular historical site. Today, they decide to visit a small ancient city on the coast that hides many interesting things. It is assumed that, among other things, this city also hides great wealth, and Maria and Nicole, according to their research so far, have made a list of objects they think they can find here. Although they know a lot about this place, the fact is that Maria and Nicole are here for the first time, so let\'s help them in their search.



Hidden Objects