Corner Cafe

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Dorothy and her husband Mark run a family business. Both of them are owners of a small café-place named Corner Café. They run their place very successfully because they love what they do. Dorothy and Mark invest a lot in the products they sell, but also they make everything to make sure that their customers feel nice when they are at their place. Corner Café is mostly known for the good coffee and the tasty croissants that are offered together with the coffee. Today, Dorothy and her husband Mark, have a small problem. The lady that works in their café is sick and she can\'t come to work. She won\'t come for a couple of days so Dorothy and Mark have to find a solution how to deal with the situation. Since they are not always at the café, they will need some help to handle the whole situation and organize everything related to their work. Let\'s help Dorothy and Mark run the place in those days when they are alone at the café. They will surely need some help in organizing things, so let\'s start working right away.



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