Countryside Friends

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Brian and Amy have been together for a while, and they decided to start living together. They decided to live on Brian\'s property, which is located in the village where his parents come from. It is about a beautiful place, but still, Brian hasn\'t lived there before. However, the desire to live away from the city bustle is what attracts these two to wish to live in this place, and it must be admitted that the place is beautiful.Anyway, Brian\'s parents don\'t live in this place anymore, so it\'s not exactly in great condition. That\'s why Brian is calling for the help of his friends from the village, to help him renovate the farm and the house that is located on the property. This work may not be easy, but with a little effort, this place can be turned into a wonderful place to live.Let\'s visit Brian\'s property in the village and see what Brian and Amy have chosen for their future living. Of course, we can also help them renovate the place and make sure they feel comfortable in their new home.



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