Crime and Curtains

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A new play was supposed to premiere at the National Theater tonight. But instead of a play, the worst possible scenario happened. One of the main actors in the new premiere lost his life. The premiere was supposed to be this very evening, but it was canceled due to his death. His death was sudden and surprised all his colleagues, but also the audience regrets the loss of their favorite actor.However, it seems the circumstances surrounding this sudden death have not yet been clarified. Detective Andrea is called by the director of the National Theater to start an investigation related to the death of the main actor. We can get involved in this investigation and find out more about what happened in the theater. It could turn out that the actor\'s death was accidental, but once we have a detective investigating the case, the likelihood of it being something else is also high. Let\'s see how things play out and find out if it\'s a natural death, an accident, or maybe murder.



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