Desert Castle

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We may not know much about knights today, but years ago they were important figures in royal states. They were right behind the kings, trusted men who always protected their backs, widely known for their bravery.Olivia and Henry are two brave knights. They have many missions behind them, and this time they traveled together with their friends. Today\'s adventure takes them to a large desert. Let\'s see what awaits them in this unusual place, under conditions different from everyday.The knights Olivia and Henry together with their friends wandering through the vast desert arrive at the desert castle. They plan to stop here and rest and find important items that their knight friends have left before them. They don\'t know for sure what to expect, they don\'t expect to find valuable items. However, the conditions in the desert are a bit harsh and their search is really difficult. Let\'s help the knights to hide from the hot desert sun, and to make the whole search easier for them, helping them to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.



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