Dinosaur Museum

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Martha is an archeologist, and she is an expert on the era of the dinosaurs. She has dedicated her whole life to discovering dinosaur fossils. Another part of her work is placing the dinosaurs in a museum, which is also very important because they are so old and they have to be kept in special conditions. Martha is there to make sure that everything is just fine. And even though museums are supposed to be safe places, something strange happened in one of them last night. Few valuable objects disappeared from there. It is not sure what happened or who might be responsible for that. Martha is in the museum to find the missing objects or at least to get an impression of what happened there last night. She knows the museum best, and it is for sure that she won\'t miss any detail. Let\'s visit the museum, together with the archeologist Martha, and try to help her someway. We will explore all the details, searching for some evidence that will lead to answers to how and why those valuable objects disappeared.



Hidden Objects