Drowned World

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We usually talk about lost civilizations that once lived on the planet, earth, but sometimes the waters can tell a whole wide story about something. Some territories had been drowned some boats had sunk and just imagine what kind of things the water has covered. And if there is a sea or an ocean in that place, it is very hard for us to see what is hidden there, much more difficult than when it comes to ruins found on land. The mermaid Laura and the sea witch Emma have found a drowned world. There is a whole world there, underwater, a world that waits to be explored. It seems that there is everything in this world, so Laura and Emma called their friends to help them in the process of exploring this world. Let\'s see what is it about and help our characters explore the drowned world in detail. No one knows what can be expected from a place like this, so let\'s find out together what is hidden there. Discovering new things is always a plus, it is something that broads our horizons and makes us richer.



Hidden Objects