Dubai Conspiracy

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There are countless conspiracy theories. These terrors represent a basis for implementing someone\'s agenda with the help of which that subject wants to reach some goal but in a not-so-transparent and clear way. Most of the time, it all works quite insidiously, and those who are affected by it don\'t even know that they are part of that agenda from which someone will get some benefit.Hakkari is a famous businessman and the owner of a large company. Even though he is the top man in this company, he has been in big trouble lately. Namely, his company is in conflict. Part of the board of his company is making a conspiracy against him and they want to take away his ownership of the company illegally. Imagine, what he has built for years, to be taken from тхем overnight in an illegal way! Well, that\'s a crime, at least!However, the board does not make it all so transparent. Hakkari must find evidence to prove that someone in his company is doing illegal things. Let\'s help him before it\'s too late.



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