Echoes From Beyond

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It must be very difficult for something to drive you out of your place of residence, that\'s for sure. It could be a natural disaster, or it could be a war, but in our case, it is something of a different, paranormal nature. Let\'s see what it\'s all about. Butler Roger, who has been working on the Garcia family estate for more than 20 years, calls Betty, who is an expert in paranormal affairs, to find out what exactly is happening here. Namely, he feels this family is his family and he really cannot come to terms with what happened. The whole Garcia family moved out of the castle because every night they were hearing strange voices and whispers, and it seems that the castle is full of ghosts who do whatever they want, but they cannot be seen, nor caught. Roger is ready to do anything to return the family to this property and live happily ever after.Betty came to the estate, eager to find out what was going on there. Let\'s help Betty in this situation and finally return the Garcias to their home.



Hidden Objects