Elusive Temple

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Adam is an adventurer who is impressed by art history and archaeological discoveries. He goes everywhere to get a new adventure, but he loves most those places related to historical monuments and artifacts. He travels, searches, and learns many things in those places. Adam has been to numerous different places, but this time he is thrilled because of his last discovery. Namely, it is about a forgotten temple, hidden deep in the jungles of India. Those temples are known as places that cherish Gods, and that\'s why they are full of sculptures, idols, relics, or other such objects associated with the figure being venerated. Many times those objects are made of gold and include other precious materials. And Adam is very excited because he is the first man who stepped into this temple after hundreds of years. His excitement is really big, and he hardly waits to see everything there. And since there is so much to explore, let\'s start our adventure together with Adam and see what we find here.



Hidden Objects