Enchanted Riddles

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Welcome to the world of magic, a place where you will learn many things about the cause-and-effect relationships that depend on the action of magic. In this magical land, all kinds of things are new to us, including magical items that give us various powers. But these items are not so easy to come by. You need to find and complete certain tasks to get them. After all, even in life, we can\'t get anything if we don\'t work a little hard, right?Little Abigail arrives in a magical land where many magical objects are hidden. She came here with a purpose and her goal is to find as many magical items as possible. However, the requirement to get to these magical items is to answer certain magic riddles correctly. Let\'s see what it is about exactly and help our heroine get the desired magical powers. Maybe we will алсо be able to get some of that power or learn something more about magic.



Hidden Objects