Escape From Fear

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Confronting a man with his fears is probably one of the most difficult things any of us has ever faced. And here we are talking about fears of all kinds, not only fear of monsters and Baba Yaga but internal fears such as fear of the unknown, fear of intimacy, fear of making mistakes, etc. Some people prefer to face these fears while others choose to continue to be afraid and simply live with them forever. Anna is determined to stop being afraid! She is essentially a very fearful person, but she is aware of her fear and decides to face it. For this purpose, Anna decides to visit the scariest house in the village. She believes that if she manages to walk the entire house that everyone is afraid to enter, she will face her fear and get rid of it forever. She believes that this will stop her fear once and for all. And she\'s probably right, we\'ll probably all have a lot less fear if we decide to face and set free from it.Let\'s help Anna.



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