Escape The Dark

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Do you believe in life on other planets? We surely don\'t have enough evidence to believe in that but the astronauts who have visited space may have certain different knowledge and different points of view. They might have even seen and are sure about something that doesn\'t sound real to us. The astronaut Olivia was on a visit to the friendly planet Zuron. Olivia has her friends on this planet, and they need some help at the moment. The reason for that is that the sun that gives life to this planet is slowly fading and the planet is threatened by complete darkness and destruction. Olivia will do anything to save her friends - the alien Zachary and the queen of Zuron, Mizu. Now, this might change our beliefs, right? Let\'s land to the planet Zuron, together with the astronaut Olivia and see what is happening on this planet. We can also help in her mission, to save this planet and help her friends be safe again. This space adventure is not something that we experience every day, so let\'s put our fears away and enjoy the ride.



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