Fantasy Forest

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Ema, the girl from the forest, together with the sorceresses Brenda and Amy, come to the magical forest. It is about a forest that is rather different from all the forests we know; it is a fantasy forest. On a full moon, this forest gets its greatest power, and all the objects in the forest become magical. Yes, you heard right, we can\'t see those magical objects when we have a walk through our known forests, right? And the three girls, Ema, Brenda, and Amy, are here intending to find the most magical objects in this fantasy forest. They are prepared to search the whole forest, to find what they need. We don\'t have many chances to visit a place like this, so this visit to the fantasy forest will be a very unique experience. We will see what this forest looks like and find out what can be expected from it. Be prepared to see things you\'ve never seen before and have fun looking for those magical objects. Actually, that is the aim of this visit, so, don\'t forget to help the three girls when you\'ll be enjoying your stay there.



Hidden Objects