First Impressions

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Moving in with someone can be very hard for some people because it sometimes means adapting your lifestyle to someone else\'s lifestyle or even changing their habits. For some people, it is difficult to live with someone else, no matter how much they are willing to do that, while others can\'t change the habits they had before. However, in most cases, adults learn how to make compromises with their behavior, and learn how to live with another person.Alan, Lisa, and Rose are three girls who will become roommates. They are moving in today, so they are very excited about the whole thing. This is the first time they enter their new temporary home, and first impressions are key. There\'s a lot of cleaning and tidying to be done, so they have to get to work. It is important to set things right and after that, they can function well together.Let\'s check out the new place and help Alan, Lisa, and Rose make everything in the best order. They will lead us because it\'s about their new home, but we will be of help anyway.



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