Flight Delay

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Airports are places where numerous persons from all around the world pass by. The traffic on the airport is always very intense so the safety of the passengers and their personal belongings is one of the most important issues that should be always in perfect order. Carol works in the national airport. She is responsible for the baggage of all the passengers and for their lost objects.

This time one of the flies was canceled so all passengers moved to one of the closest hotels. The weather was not that optimal so the crew decided to canceled it so everyone could arrive safe on his destination, even though it would be later. After they left the airport, Carol has noticed that few of the cases and some personal belongings are left in the terminal and all around the airport. Some of the passengers were rather confused when they found out that their flight is canceled so they have lost their baggage.

Carol's job is to find all objects that belong to the passengers. She should place them on some safe place so they could find their belongings once they come back. There are so many object all around the airport so this girl will be rather helpful if we help her find everything. On the other hand, those people who lost their baggage will be even more thankful if they get to all of their personal belongings. They will come back on the airport very soon, so let's make sure they get to their baggage.



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