Ghostly Cabin

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Emma and Scott are organizing a special party this year. They are the hosts of this year\'s party, which is held on their beautiful property outside the city. The property is big, and they have invited a lot of people which means that this event asks for serious organization. The hosts believe they have organized everything perfectly and are very happy about the party. It seemed that the party was just great until this moment when they realized that something was wrong. Namely, at the time of the party, one of the guests got lost, he simply disappeared from the party. Emma, Scott, and their new friend Brandon feel a huge responsibility, and they start looking for the lost guest right away. They are looking for him everywhere, but it seems that he\'s not here anymore, he is not on the property. Whether he went somewhere or was taken somewhere, we can\'t find out so easily. After losing their guest, Emma, Scott, and Brandon arrive at a forest cabin and this is the place where their problems start... Let\'s help them.



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