Hidden Surprises

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Being new to the workplace can be tough. You may have enough work experience, but every new job is unique, even if it\'s a job you\'ve done before. Circumstances are different, colleagues are different, so it takes some time for your expertise to surface in its full glory.Tiffany is the new waitress at the famous bakery in the town. It is a bakery with a really good reputation, which has existed in the city for years and is always visited by many guests. Tiffany is happy to work here because this bakery is considered to be one of the best in the country, and that\'s why it\'s always full of customers. That also means that in the bakery there is always a large volume of work, and it can be really hard to work there, but on the other hand, the pleasure of working in a bakery with such a reputation is a great pleasure.Let\'s see how Tiffany is doing and help her on her first day working here.



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