Hospital Inspection

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Most people trust doctors and hospitals, and it should be like that because the profession itself is a human profession, and it usually people in a trust are the ones who decide to do this job, who decide to take responsibility for such a big thing. On the other hand, accidents happen everywhere and, unfortunately, sometimes even the equipment can fail to achieve something. But, if something is done on purpose, nothing can justify playing with human lives which is punishable, like any other crime.Inspectors Jane and Alfred are inspecting a large hospital in the city. They are accompanied by Doctor Bruce, who has reported malfunctioning equipment in the hospital. It\'s up to the inspectors to investigate and determine whether the hospital can continue to be operational. Мaybe the equipment in the hospital has become outdated with time, but maybe someone is deliberately playing with it, intentionally wants to harm the patients, or falsely accuses the doctors of not knowing how to do their job. There are multiple options to consider, but that\'s why our detectives are here to look at all aspects of the situation, to come up with the right answer.



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