Knights Village

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Today people have problems, and they had problems in the past too, but they were somehow different from the problems we have today. In the time of the brave knights, the main problems between people, or to be more precise, between the kings, were about the conquest of territories. The lords trusted the knights, who were skilled in battle on horseback, while the lords, in turn, fought for their king. The world has some borders at that time but they weren\'t marked as today, so the kings wanted to conquer a bigger territory and war was the most used way of forgetting that.The knights Virginia and Aaron, together with their friends, come to the village of the knights after a hard battle. The village has been attacked by the enemy\'s army and all the inhabitants of the village, including the families of our knights, have fled the village. Now the village is so devastated and the knights have to find out where are their families at that moment and what has happened to them.The situation is very serious so let\'s help the brave knights find the inhabitants of the village.



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