Lost Documents

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There are days when we are a little distracted, right? Simply, nothing is out of our hands. We lose things, other things fall out of our hands; we get lost in a space that is familiar to us... we simply have less concentration and cannot find our way around that moment. Well, Rachel was feeling like that when she was coming home from work that day. She was passing through the center of the city when all of a sudden, she lost all important documents from work. How could that happen? What will she do tomorrow without those documents? Rachel is desperate and has to find those documents, no matter what! Otherwise, everything could happen; she might even lose her job! Let\'s see what happened here and try to help Rachel find her documents. They have to be hidden somewhere around her so that she can\'t notice them right now. We will help her by searching everywhere around, and we hope that she will find everything she needs, so tomorrow, she can go to work without any worries.



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