Lost in the Waves

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Young Helen is a brave girl who is into something that not many girls will go to. Namely, she has decided to become a sailor, just like her father. He is her role model for everything she does in her life and perhaps that is the reason why she has chosen to do the same as her beloved father. And usually, Helen sales for fun and because it gives her a great pleasure but she never even imagined that something like this could ever happen. Namely, this morning Helen went on a sail alone, looking for her father. Helen\'s father was captured by a group of pirates and Helen will do her best to bring him back. But during her sailing, starts a big storm. She is alone in the boat and there is not a guarantee that the boat is able to pass the storm without being damaged. Helen has to find a way how to save herself from this situation. Good thing is that she has learned a lot from her father and she is a good sailor on her own, so probably she won\'t have such big problems, no matter how dangerous the storm is.



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