Lost Objects

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And again we have a lost-and-found challenge that needs to be solved successfully in order to help Sharon, our today\'s character. This morning Sharon went for a walk in the city park. She likes to walk there often, breathe in the fresh air, recreate and enjoy. However, this morning things did not go as planned. While walking through the park Sharon lost her personal belongings. She is usually very responsible for her things but this time it happened to lose them. Sharon returned to the park to look for her personal belongings, but also called her friend Emma to help her with the search. Together they will be able to explore better the environment, and they will be able to notice what is where better. Let\'s take a tour in the park with Sharon and Emma and look for the lost items. We will definitely be able to see something that Sharon and Emma missed and find lost personal items faster. Let\'s start.



Hidden Objects