Mystery Game

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We all love games and most of us are aware that games are just fiction. However, some people don\'t manage to differ successfully what is a game and what is their real life. They forget about reality and expect the things they see or experience in their games to overcome in their lives. On the other hand, some games are so real that they enter into reality, asking us to do some things in our real-life... Adam is the man who invented the most famous mystery game known by the name \" Enigmatic Land .\" This game became a real hit because it is full of interesting challenges for the players. There are plenty of riddles in the game and the final aim of the game is to find out a hidden treasure. This sounds great but the thing is that many people disappeared after this game was published. At the moment, even the creator of the game, Adam, is missing. Detective Adam has a task to find out what has happened to Adam. He is in his house, searching for some traces that could explain where is Adam and what has happened to him.



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