Mystic Mountains

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Brenda and Jonathan\'s friends are interesting people who are real adventurers by nature. They are always ready to discover new places and conquer different landscapes, sometimes mountainous, sometimes exotic. Their experience and enthusiasm made them develop the ability to cope under any conditions, sometimes even difficult.That\'s why everyone was worried after their last trip. The friends were placed in a small mountain house before they got lost somewhere on the high peak of the mountain. Brenda and Jonathan were not part of the expedition this time, but they came to the mountain lodge to find out what happened to their friends. They are very worried and want to find their friends as soon as possible because you can\'t be very long up there on the mountain.This adventure turned out to be dangerous, so now it\'s time for Brenda and Jonathan to do everything that is in their power to find their friends as quickly as possible. Let\'s start this quest together and find out what happened to the friends.



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