New Years Eve

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Some people prepare for New Years Eve for a long time, planning every single happening, but other people leave everything spontaneously to happen. Other people, simply don\'t have that much time to think about this night, but that doesn\'t mean that they don\'t appreciate it and they won\'t celebrate it as it should. Sharon and Jason are a young married couple. One week ago, they have moved into their new home. They haven\'t unpacked all their things yet, and New Years Eve is about to begin. It\'s not just the unpacking, they have to decorate their new home in the best way they can. But they have to be fast in that and it seems that they are doing just fine, except that the angel figures they love so much are missing. They can\'t find those angels even if they are trying very hard. Let\'s help Sharon and Jason with the decorating, and let\'s hope that we will find their favorite angels. We are sure that this will be a great night for the two of them since they will spend it in their new home.



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