Ruins and Artifacts

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An archeologist\'s job is not something that can be compared to an office job, right? Archeologists are always outdoor, always visiting a new location while the office job is usually related to dealing bunches of paper. Both professions are great in their way, but if a person likes adventures, the profession of archeologist offers a lot of excitement. The two archeologists, Paul and Donna, have a very interesting job. To discover new things related to our pars, they visit various locations. Sometimes they don\'t discover anything important, but when they discover something big, they can change the whole course of our history. This time, they have also discovered a location that hides precious artifacts. As usually, those artifacts are buried deep underground, so the task of the two archeologists and their team is to find those artifacts in the ruins. After that, they need to select them and store them, so they can be exhibited in a museum.Now let\'s see together what is hidden under those ruins and we hope that we will find something important.



Hidden Objects