Secret Fortune

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Sandra, John, and Donna are three adventurers that like to explore new things. This time, they have a new interesting challenge in front of them - exploring the secret city. This city has been a real mystery for a long time. Thousand years ago, there lived a very advanced civilization that kept its city safe from outside intruders. That way they managed to keep their civilization for a long time, but there was one more reason why they were so protective. Namely, in this city was hidden a huge secret treasure, many valuable objects that the citizens of this city kept for a long time. Now, many years after, there is not much left of that civilization. The historians know something about it, they know the place of the city where they lived, but the place wasn\'t explored until now. Our three adventurers are the first explorers who have found the exact location of the big treasure. They are very excited because they are about to discover something very big. Let\'s start searching for the treasure and see what will we find.



Hidden Objects